Hello everyone

My name is David Thomas Humphries, and I am the President and founder of Dreamers Walk Canada for are 2023 to 2025 our board of Director Decide that   are then going to be a Day at camp to raise money for   Easter Seal camp Merry wood in Perth.

A S young  kid Growing up  a had  the Great  honor  of  being  a camp  for over ten  years and  then  being   a  leader in  training  once  i  was   to  old  to be  a camper  so  to be   able  to  give  back  is so  happy  to  do  so   this  Camp gin  we  run  from  January 2023 -July 2026   In this section  of   our website   we  will  have  all  are  project  over the next  3 years

i  want to   Take  the   time  to  thank  you  for your  support  during this  Campgin  

David Humphries  

President and  Founder  

Dreamers Walk Canada inc.  and  fromer  camper Merry wood easter seals  camp