We are looking for all kinds of volunteers from set up to tear down!


Alternates are responsible for a major part of the festival. They are required to think on their feet and be flexible; you never know where we may need you next! It is the responsibility of the Alternates to be on the lookout for anything that may have been overlooked.



An excellent, eco-friendly addition to our festival site! Volunteers will ensure the comfortable flow of pedestrian traffic for the festival grounds, as cyclists may only walk their bike through the park during festival dates.


With engaging and interactive activities for children, Children’s Area Attendants will get involved with the young ones assisting the parents in the activities with their children. Activities, games, and performances have been arranged to allow the children to have a good time!


The Hospitality Crew is tasked with verifying passes upon entry to the backstage area, keeping food and drink inventory replenished, and ensuring the backstage remains free of litter.




Some bands will have merchandise to sell, and this will be done in the Merch Tent close to the concert stage. There will be a band representative that works directly with volunteers in a retail sales capacity of musical merchandise.


Site Operations Volunteers will have the opportunity to work hand-in-hand with the festival staff as we set up the site before the festival and tear it down afterwards. Volunteers will witness the process and be in awe as an empty field transforms into a bustling festival full of activities.



The Green Team is divided into 2 teams: Hydration Team and Site Maintenance, both of which play a major role in the festival.



The Green Team is divided into 2 teams: Hydration Team and Site Maintenance, both of which play a major role in the festival.


TEAM Services 

in  this   area  you will  Checking  so  we  know  you are  on  site  for  the Race.  This  is where people  will  Drop of there pledge sheets



volunteer Village /support

Anyone helping out in this area of the festival will be assisting with volunteer operations throughout the event. This buzzing area will require volunteers to be capable of multi-tasking and should be pro-social in their attitudes. 

  • Sign-in/out all volunteers as they arrive/leave for their shifts

    • Sign-in sheets are divided by location and time of shift

    • Ensure all volunteers under the age of 18 have submitted their waivers and had their ID checked

    • Hand out t-shirts to volunteers on their first shift

    • Remind volunteers about meal and sign-in/out procedures

    • Give break-down of lunch and break schedules for the day

    • Sit with any patrons who may have lost their way in the festival until they are picked up by friends or family

    • Handle lost and found items and organize for retrieval from owner

    • Answer general inquiries from volunteers, participants, and general public – direct them to a volunteer leader should the question be unanswerable to the initial volunteer

    • Remind volunteers:

      • Meal procedure (one meal per shift and one water bottle with refills)

      • To sign out with volunteer leader at end of shift

      • They are not required to sign in for their shift a second time as long as they are working consistent shift areas

      • Students may have their hours verified and counted towards their transcripts after having them approved by a volunteer leader

      • Have fun during the festival!

      • Support members of the A-Team when interacting with volunteers and guests who may have a physical/mental disability or who may have challenges in communication or for any other reason


Welcoming Crew

This position helps to ensure the overall organization and traffic flow into the festival itself. They act as a first-line festival ambassador and serve those coming to and leaving from the event.


Silent auction   and  Fundraising 

this  will  be the team  that Handle Silent auction Fundraising  AND donations 

Through the set-up and configuration of displays and items for auction, Silent Auction volunteers will have plenty of opportunity to interact with other attendees of the festival. 


Exercise your photography skills to provide the festival with high quality photos of all activities over the weekend. This is an opportunity to get your work out there and increase exposure of your business and/or hobby!

to contact the volunteer Team

Andrew and Suzanne at  Volunteer@Dreamerswalkcanada.org

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as  a  Vip  Volunteer  it  will be  your  Job  to  Handle  the need  of  Are Specail Geust  sponsors and city  officals