David  Humphries

Ethan  MC Donnell

Brad McCloskey 



Operations  Team

Operations  Team

David  Humphries  


Dana Bevilacqua

Director  of community  Out Reach / social  Media

 Myke Mclearn

President   Assistant 

Ethan McDonnell

Vice  President 

 Brad McCloskey 

vice  President 

 Kelly Mccloskey 

Second Lady  

Tyrone Joseph

Paul LeBrun-Carreau

Director  of  event  operations  

Megan Carroll

secarty  and  Feed Back Manager 

Kelly Broad

Director  of  Risk Management 

Andrew Gladish

 Director of technical /Production 

Tasha LeBrun-Carreau

Volunteer Services  Manager 

Melanie Spears

Assistant Volunteer Services  Manager  

Toni Vera Brushett-Walsh

Director  of  Marketing  and  Branding 

Kelly  Wheeler 

Director  of  communications 

Dave Edward Beauchemin

Director  of event Services 

Malek Allani

Director  of   Safety  services 

Omari Morgan

 Assistant  Director  of   Safety  services 

Kaile J R Archibald

   Director  of  sponsors  and  Partnership

 Assitant  director  of  Sponsor and  Partnership

Pete  Harison

race  Director