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What IS  the   Dreamers Walk Canada?

The Dreamers   Walk Canada is a walk that was Started by David Humphries Ethan McDonnell  Sean  Fortin and Brad Mccloskey as Way to raise Money Awareness for Cerebral palsy Awareness and Programs.


Why Is the   Dreamers Walk Canada started?

The Dreamers   Walk Canada was started Because   David and their Friends want to Raise Money and   Awareness for   A disability, He has lived with for 34 years. And   Help fund awareness and programs   for people   with  cerebral  palsy



1When was it   Started?

The Frist Team   Started Planning it in September 2019 for the 2020

When did you   Receive nonprofit Status?


The Dreamers   walk Canada received non Profit   status  on 2021-11-09

How do we  Raise Money  for   the   cause


The Dreamers   walk as  Canada raises Funds  and  awareness    through  many   Different  initiatives and events Such  as   are    restaurant   for Cp   the Dreamers   Walk  are donation  page  and a warriors auction and

The Vision of Dreamers Walks Canada is to raise awareness and support for People    Living with cerebral palsy and those who support   People with cerebral palsy. We also focus on Making everything inclusive for every Disabled and not Disabled

QUESTION  AND   ANSWER for   the   Event  

how  man  Parts   are  to the event  3

what   are   the part  of  the  event   the  walk  and   ride  and  the  magical  Dream concerts  Series

when  is   the   Walk  and   ride   September  17  2022

what  time   and   where  does   the   Ride  Part  of the events start

the   ride part   Start   with  Regestration at  Harley  Davision on mariale  road   at  12 :15  and  kick stand   up at  1pm

Where   will  the  ride  Head  to   

the  Ride  will  Head  on  route  to Lester B person  High  and  be   there  in  time  for  closing  ceremonies at   5:30

what  is   the    Walk  date  sat  sepembeter 17 2022 

time 8:45 -6pm 

location  Lester B pearon  high  School  

When is  OPen  Ceremoinies  10:00 

What  is   the  Diffrent   Devision   of the Walk  1K ABILITY 11:00 -5K 12:00 THE running room 10k  1:pm

closing  Ceremonies  at  5:30 pm

Magical  Dreams  Concerts  Series  

 time : of   the   show 6pm -10:30

cost  of  ticket  General  $20  VIP  $35

who perfroming

6:00 pm Jumping  Joel  Flash 

7:00 Eve of  Up Rasing  

8PM Ornate 

9pm-10:30 Andrew Cassara