Nia workout

Nia barefoot cardio dance is more than a workout. Nia is holistic fitness set to empowering music that feeds your body, focuses your mind, stirs your emotions. and uplifts your spirit - all this in a beautiful setting of Nia community where every body is welcome.

BE MOVED: The Nia practice stimulates your body, mind and emotions beginning with the 7,000 nerve endings in the soles of your feet.

Nia fitness classes use diverse movement patterns with 52 basic moves that lubricate joints, strengthen and stretch muscles, while promoting stability, flexibility, and agility.

As a daily practice, Nia invites you to align with your body's natural rhythm, building a healthy and sustainable body.

BE YOU: Nia naturally engages body, mind, emotion and spirit through joyful and playful movement patterns. Various levels are provided so the workout is personalized for your personal style.

Nia, a design system for sustainability of body. Through movement we find health.