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 March 12

Friday 8:45am -4:30pm

7::30 Vendor  Arrive  

8:30   People arrive 

9:00  welcome / Frist speaker

9;30  Live  Story\

10;00 second   Speaker  Accessible in the home for  People with CP

by modern OT

10;30 Break time/vendors

11:00 Speaker 3 fitness  and Cerebral palsy

12::00-1:00 LUNCh/ vendors

1:00 speaker 4 dual diagnosis and  Cerebral palsy 

1:30 Speaker 5  what come next   after  you turn 18 gong  in  the Adult  System

2:00 Break 

2:30 Speaker6 Donna Thomson the  Four Walls of My Freedom: Lessons I've Learned From a Life of Caregiving 

3:00 life  Story 

3;30 Speaker 7 God and Cp

4:00 pm Closing 

4:30 END Of conference 

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David Thomas Humphries 
President  and Founder /event Lead

PastorTrevor Lane
God and Cerebral plasy

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Donna Thomson
Life of Caregiving of some with  Cerebral Palsy 

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Shaun Kehoe
fitness  and Cerebral plasy

modern OT
acessability  in  the home  for people Cerebral

Cerebral Palsy  Life  Story 

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